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The 25 Most Popular Apartments in Atlanta | ApartmentGuide.com

Atlanta is a rapidly growing city with an emerging tech scene, great neighborhoods and many housing options. But finding the right apartment in Atlanta doesn't have to be as challenging as finding the correct Peachtree Street. Choosing an apartment relies on weighing a variety of factors, from location to price to atmosphere and amenities. It also helps to know which places other people are searching for, as well. We've made the process easy for you with this quick guide to the 25 most popular apartments in Atlanta.

4 tips on asking for help as a new mom | Mars&Stars Baby

It takes a village to raise a child, but how do you ask for help? As a new mom, you are bombarded with expectations about how perfect everything should be, and when you finally get home with your new baby, reality sets in: you now have a human life that is entirely your responsibility. As much as the media would like to make it appear sometimes, being a new mother is no easy task, and can admittedly be overwhelming. It is important for new moms to know when and how to ask for help.

Suwanee Farmers Market connects small suburb

Nancy Weaver sits at her booth, sweat caking her face in the sweltering heat of late morning. Weaver’s buckets of blackberries sit on the table in front of her, slowly diminishing as locals purchase the products of this week’s labor in exchange for cash. She smiles at passersby of all ages and backgrounds who are all here for the same reason: to enjoy and connect over local southern produce. Weaver is one of many small farmers who participates in one of the over 8,000 farmers markets in the United States, a number that has grown from just 1,700 in 1994. Farmers markets allow farmers to rent a temporary space to sell directly to consumers, who can put a face to the grower of their food.

How to Evaluate Your Career and Pursue What You Love

Many people find themselves in a job that doesn’t truly fulfill them, and who can blame them? Our brains don’t stop fully developing until we’re in our mid-20s, yet most are expected to choose a career path around the age of 18 without having much independent experience to form our own skills and passions outside of the formal education setting. After finishing school, you may have found that you changed immensely throughout those formative years, but you are stuck with a degree in a field that you chose as a different person. This dilemma causes many to pursue careers in fields that don’t truly fulfill them, and they stick to this path for the rest of their lives. You may have been pressured into pursuing a career that isn’t right for you, or your passions and interests may have changed, or perhaps out of financial necessity you had to take a job you didn’t really like. Regardless, you’re not alone - the struggle to find a fulfilling career is universal. But why is it important to do what you love?

Why Experiences are More Important Than Material Items

There is no doubt that we live in a consumer culture. The rise of the industrial revolution, the introduction of credit, and the growth of consumer catalogs and advertisements during the early 20th century all paved way to​ the state of our current world. As technology has grown and innovated, consumerism has grown with it, and it’s never been easier to consume than now. Buying material items after the bills have been paid only seems natural, but in spite of a seemingly ever-increasing prevalence of advertisements to buy material items, a growing number of people are prioritizing experiences, such as travel, outdoor activities, dining out, and going to concerts, over stuff, and they might even be happier for it. While it’s common to want the next big thing when payday rolls around, you might benefit from making room in your budget for experiences. Here’s why.

Overthinking is a Killer: The Guide to Action Over Thought

It can be a challenge for many people to effectively balance time and thought. If you struggle with finding the motivation to get started on a new project, a new hobby, a new career move, or even a household chore, you may be overthinking it. While you may have the inspiration to get something done, you might be worrying about when to get started, what might go wrong, how to do it, or whether you even should. These thoughts are setting you back and hindering your personal and professional growth. You will never be able to achieve your goals with this type of thinking, so it’s time to do away with it and just start. While planning everything may be your initial response to setting a goal, it may not be the best choice. Sometimes, possibly against your better judgement, just getting to work without a specific plan in mind can be the key to reaching your goals. However, it may take some conditioning to get yourself out of the habit of overthinking. Here are a few ways that you can train yourself to do rather than think:

How a Success Coach Can Transform Your Life

Navigating your professional life is no easy task. You are faced with endless options, opportunities, and challenges, and often you have nobody’s guidance to turn to but your own. However, the rise of the coaching industry has given birth to success coaching, which is personal coaching with an emphasis on an individual’s professional and financial goals and development. Finding the right success coach can transform your life, and a Los Angeles-based success coach explains how.

Microdosing and the Future of Edibles

While cannabis edibles such as cookies, brownies, chocolates, and candies are a popular way to experience a strong, full-body high, some people are choosing to opt for a less intense edible experience. Microdosing, a mellow alternative to the more commonly found high-THC products, is a growing trend in the cannabis industry. Microdosing is the practice of consuming edible cannabis products that have such low levels of THC that they produce nearly no noticeable short-term psychoactive effects. Edibles are microdosed if they contain fewer than 5 mg of THC in one serving, with the standard edible dose containing 10 mg of THC. There are several benefits to microdosing THC, but in this article, we will discuss two of the most prominent uses for microdosed cannabis edibles and how they fit in with the future of edible products.

From Lead to Client - The Guide to Proper Conversion

The majority of those in marketing give up on following up far too soon. However, without good follow-up, marketing efforts can result in wasted opportunities, time, and energy. This is why it is important to understand how to properly follow up and convert a lead to a sale. There are a few fundamental tips to keep note of when pulling leads through the sales funnel. First, focus on the top of the sales funnel, which is the point when you begin pursuing a lead. Additionally, know the importance of making another call even if your previous attempts have resulted in no answers. It is also useful to know how to develop a lead beyond the initial conversation.

Subconscious Problem Solving: Putting Your Brain to Work While You Sleep

The subconscious mind is an incredibly powerful tool, but few take advantage of it. Your subconscious works throughout the day when you are both awake and asleep, but takes over entirely when you sleep, when your subconscious mind works more efficiently because there is no interference from the conscious mind or external stimuli. With the subconscious mind dominating such a large portion of your life, you should take full advantage of it and put your brain to work while you sleep to better improve your ability to work through your problems. A simple process of directing your subconscious mind before and after bed will allow you to create the outcomes that you seek.

Meditation: Calming for Mental Clarity

Meditation has become a popular buzzword in recent years, and for good reason. While the practice has spiritual roots, people of all faiths can benefit from it. It’s a simple process that only takes a few minutes each day while reaping incredible benefits. The demands of modern life may make it a struggle to find a moment of peace, but meditation can allow you to achieve mental clarity and sustained relaxation while improving your overall health.

The Benefits of Same-Day Weddings

Planning a wedding is an exciting but stressful experience. Between choosing a venue, buying a dress, picking the perfect caterer, assigning wedding party duties, figuring out the ideal date, and of course making sure you can afford it all, wedding planning can often turn a joyous event into a nightmare. The average engagement lasts about 14 months, and while many couples enjoy using this time to plan their wedding, a growing number of wedded couples have chosen to opt for something more spontaneous.

How Technology is Supporting Patient-Centered Care

The world is rapidly changing with the implementation of new technology, and the healthcare industry is not immune to these changes. Technology has made healthcare more efficient, affordable, and accurate, but it has also contributed to a rise in patient-centered care. Part of patient-centered care involves treating the patient as a consumer, and when a healthcare provider focuses on what will satisfy a patient as a consumer who has choice and purchasing power, healthcare improves for the patient, and this is facilitated more easily with technology. In this article, an innovator in transitioning healthcare to a digital industry discusses how technology is supporting patient-centered healthcare.

6 Benefits of Working for Yourself

In the ever-connected global market, many workers are leaving their desk jobs and opting for the non-traditional career path of working for themselves. Freelancing, a term used to describe the phenomenon of being self-employed and working on projects chosen independently by the worker, is rising exponentially, with 35 percent of the United States population and 16 percent of the European Union population currently performing some type of freelance work. The internet has made freelancing easier than ever before, with a wide variety of websites available to connect clients with freelance workers, allowing people of many skill sets and professions to work from the comfort of their laptops. The freelancing arrangement is a win-win for both parties, allowing business owners to save money by outsourcing their work for individual projects rather than hiring full-time employees, and freelancers benefit by having more control over many aspects of their lives. While the idea of freelancing can be intimidating and admittedly takes hard work to start out, it is worth the grind for those who seek a more independent career. Here are 6 reasons why more people are choosing to work for themselves than ever before.

How to Declutter Your Garage

It can be easy to get caught up in storing various items in your garage when you need some extra storage space, only to look at it one day and realize that you have created excessive clutter. You may even find that you no longer have space to park your car in your garage. The cleanliness of your surroundings play a large role in how organized all other aspects of your life are, so there is no better time than now to declutter your garage and create more order in your life. A few simple organization techniques can make it easy to conquer your garage and keep it neat.